Core Values

The Foundation of Our High-Growth Healthcare Tech Company

Stratasan was founded to change the way hospitals and health systems use data to achieve strategic growth.

What motivates us is the want to see our partners progress to the important work of growth planning.

Our Philosophy

We Believe Our Customers are the Ultimate Market Experts

Our team continues to flip the common consulting model on its head. Rather than operating within a model that forces our clients to be dependent upon us for answers, we empower these healthcare decision-makers with intelligence that supports their most important growth initiatives. Understanding that our customers are the market experts, we build technology and offer services that equip them to make those strategic, high-level decisions that they are hired to make.

Our Values

Everybody Makes the Coffee

We help where help is needed. Whether we’re asked to pitch in on an important call, run a meeting at the last minute, or make the morning coffee, everybody does what’s necessary to keep the engine running. We don’t believe in “pulling rank".

Honest Conversations
Make Us Stronger

The toughest conversations, when approached with kindness and respect, yield the best outcomes for the business and the team. We don’t hide from tough conversations.

Seek First to Understand

We try to see other people’s perspective prior to sharing ours. We make a deliberate effort to see things from their point of view and refrain from judgement until we do. This goes for interaction with customers, colleagues, and prospects alike.

Assume Positive Intent

We believe it’s important to start from the assumption that people are good and that their intentions are positive. We believe this builds stronger and more trusting relationships.

Punch Above Your Weight Class

We grow by doing things that challenge us. We believe success favors the bold; we encourage our team to continually stretch out of their comfort zones. Good athletes become great by competing against those better.

Our Success is My Success

We support one another, strive for the success of the team, and recognize that nothing is done alone.


Show Up Don't Quit

Whatever we are doing at Stratasan, we must first consciously Show Up; and when things are difficult we must convince ourselves Don’t Quit.

Our Team Is as Strong as Our Values

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