Stratasan Launches Physician Pathway

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Stratasan Launches Physician Pathway to Facilitate Improved Relationships and Maximize Network Growth Opportunities

The first of a suite of software solutions providing immediate and un-throttled access to healthcare intelligence

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (Jan. 20, 2016)Stratasan, a leading provider of market intelligence to hospitals and healthcare systems nationwide, today announced the launch of Physician Pathway. This platform gives focused intelligence in the area of physician and provider relationships, addressing the need of healthcare providers for a tool that enables them to strengthen primary market relationships and discover new secondary market opportunities as well.  

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Jackpot! Why Winning the Lottery Won’t Change Our Data

With the three big winners in last night’s lottery splitting such a large pot, the income-level demographic data for where they live will be effected. However, depending on the way you look at this effect, there will either be slight changes if any, or there will be a large change. The reason for this difference is that demographic datasets supply both mean and median household incomes.LottreryBalls_Clipped

The lottery winners provide us with a great example of why we run median household income rather than average household income. This is because using a mean generally works well for data with normal distributions while medians are generally used on data with skewed distributions. And as you can probably guess, income data is quite the skewed dataset. Since a mean is so heavily influenced by outliers, we use a median. The median value will provide the value in the middle of the data (when sorted in ascending order).


To illustrate this, let’s pretend that one of the lottery winner’s home ZIP code has 10,000 people. Let’s also pretend that, by some kind of freak chance, every one of these people has an income of exactly $50,000. That would mean that that ZIP code has an average and median household income of $50,000. But, the lottery winner has now changed that. With their income changing from $50,000 to somewhere around $500,000,000, the new mean household income would be $99,995 and the median income would remain $50,000.

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Stratasan Nashville Post Feature

Stratasan Nashville Post Feature

Layer upon layer of growth

Analytics player Stratasan has big plans for ’16 and beyond

Originally Published November 15, 2015, by Geert De Lombaerde in the Nashville Post

Pity your average hospital executive for a little bit. Just for a few seconds, promise.

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Stratasan News December 2015

Stratasan News December 2015

Check out the latest news from Stratasan for December 2015. Newsletter highlights include an account headquarters update, a blog post from our founder and COO, Jason Moore, an AHA database update, and a preview of our upcoming new product, Physician Pathway. Read the newsletter here.


Stratasan’s SHSMD 2015 Recap: Python What?

The Stratasan team was thrilled to once again attend and participate in the annual Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) conference.

The 2015 SHSMD conference was themed “Bridging Worlds for the Future of Healthcare” and focused on healthcare being more nimble and entrepreneurial but also based in storytelling. The general sessions were from entrepreneurs and storytellers and there were nine tracks for the concurrent sessions. Stratasan’s session was in the Analytics and Research track. All sessions related to the SHSMD document, Bridging Worlds, the Future of the Healthcare Strategist, essentially bringing that document to life with storytellers and presenters.

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StrataNews: November 2015

Check out our latest newsletter from November 2015. Highlights include our December webinar announcement, Excel tips and tricks, and a preview of our upcoming new product, Pathways. Read the newsletter here.


Stratasan Introduces Analytics and Planning Service

Stratasan Analytics Planning Service


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Stratasan Introduces Concierge Analytics and Planning Service to Help Hospitals Maximize Growth

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (Oct. 12, 2015) – Stratasan, a leading provider of market intelligence to hospitals and healthcare systems nationwide, today announced the launch of Spark, a concierge analytics and planning service designed to support the strategic planning process.

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Product Lines Added to Blackbird

The Stratasan team is excited to announce the release of Product Lines in Blackbird. Starting today your custom MS-DRG, ICD-9, and HCPCS/CPT Product Lines can be added to your queries and included in your exports. This release will improve your overall Blackbird experience.

2015 Esri Health & Human Services GIS Conference

Last week on the blog we discussed the 2015 Esri User Conference. This week we are going to break down the second of our summer conferences the Esri Health and Human Services Conference that took place in Atlanta, Georgia earlier this month. Although it’s much smaller in size, it provides us with just as much useful information on the use of GIS in both the Public and Private healthcare spheres!


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