Stratasan’s SHSMD 2015 Recap: Python What?

The Stratasan team was thrilled to once again attend and participate in the annual Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) conference.

The 2015 SHSMD conference was themed “Bridging Worlds for the Future of Healthcare” and focused on healthcare being more nimble and entrepreneurial but also based in storytelling. The general sessions were from entrepreneurs and storytellers and there were nine tracks for the concurrent sessions. Stratasan’s session was in the Analytics and Research track. All sessions related to the SHSMD document, Bridging Worlds, the Future of the Healthcare Strategist, essentially bringing that document to life with storytellers and presenters.

SHSMD 2015

SHSMD 2015

Stratasan’s VP of Strategic Resources, Lee Ann Lambdin and Patrick Saale, Manager of Strategies Resources at LifePoint Hospitals (both pictured above) presented Python What? The Strategist as Data Geek. The two shared thoughts before a packed room on the role of the strategists to understand what data is needed, how insights can be produced, and how to use the data to help make better decisions.

Lee Ann shared, “I learned that marketers are strategists, customers are king, big data is still confusing and overused, population health is going to change the health of our communities, product line marketing is still very important, and the Newseum is great for networking as well as learning about history.”

View the slide deck that was shared during this presentation below and listen to the audio here.

StrataNews: November 2015

Check out our latest newsletter from November 2015. Highlights include our December webinar announcement, Excel tips and tricks, and a preview of our upcoming new product, Pathways. Read the newsletter here.


Stratasan Introduces Concierge Analytics and Planning Service to Help Hospitals Maximize Growth


Stratasan logo

Stratasan Introduces Concierge Analytics and Planning Service to Help Hospitals Maximize Growth

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (Oct. 12, 2015) – Stratasan, a leading provider of market intelligence to hospitals and healthcare systems nationwide, today announced the launch of Spark, a concierge analytics and planning service designed to support the strategic planning process.

The new service allows Stratasan’s highly specialized team of experts in data analytics, mapping and health data management to work alongside hospital planners to translate data into actionable growth initiatives, both on a project-by-project basis and as an ongoing partnership.

“As providers focus on doing more with less, hospitals of all sizes are consolidating their strategy and planning teams,” said Jason Moore, founder & COO of Stratasan. “Spark acts as an extension of these teams by providing not only the analysis of market and patient data, but also the insights on how to use the data to execute growth initiatives.”

Spark provides healthcare organizations with access to Stratasan’s full range of products and services, which are currently used by more than 600 hospitals, including the nation’s top healthcare systems. Spark’s service areas include:

Strategic Planning: Spark provides the data and tools necessary for hospital planners to measure their progress and more deeply understand their markets. With this intelligence, executives are able to confidently launch initiatives or change course as needed.

Marketing: Spark equips marketing professionals with reliable and in-depth intelligence about pertinent patient populations, allowing them to build effective campaigns with the highest probability of a favorable ROI.

Physician Relations: The Spark team arms hospitals with well-supported intelligence, including physician referral patterns and outmigration trends, to help recruit and retain the right physician relationships driving better patient volume.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Stratasan’s strategic planning professionals use site selection data to identify additional service needs within a market, such as free-standing emergency departments, urgent care, specialty physician services and full hospital placements.

Custom Reports: Spark can provide hospitals with a variety of custom reports ranging from updated market share, demographic and geographic data to custom maps and datasets filtered by age, service, payor or physician.

“Today’s hospitals need more than data; they need actionable information,” said Marshall Martin, Stratasan CEO. “By supplementing our health intelligence capabilities with the expertise of our staff, executives can spend less time on data accumulation and analysis, and more time on strategy and execution.”

About Stratasan
Nashville-based Stratasan is a leading provider of advanced data analytics and market intelligence to healthcare strategic planning and marketing professionals delivered via cloud services. With access to over 1.5 billion healthcare-related records, the company helps more than 600 hospitals achieve efficiency and effectiveness in their strategic planning initiatives. For more information, visit

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For sales inquiries, contact:

Drake Jarman
SVP of Sales, Stratasan


Product Lines Added to Blackbird

The Stratasan team is excited to announce the release of Product Lines in Blackbird. Starting today your custom MS-DRG, ICD-9, and HCPCS/CPT Product Lines can be added to your queries and included in your exports. This release will improve your overall Blackbird experience.

2015 Esri Health & Human Services GIS Conference

Last week on the blog we discussed the 2015 Esri User Conference. This week we are going to break down the second of our summer conferences the Esri Health and Human Services Conference that took place in Atlanta, Georgia earlier this month. Although it’s much smaller in size, it provides us with just as much useful information on the use of GIS in both the Public and Private healthcare spheres!


GIS is helping organizations and communities everywhere better understand and improve human health. From examining environments to managing projects, GIS technology is being used to face today’s changing world and advance health and human services across the globe. The Esri Health GIS Conference is an opportunity to join other health GIS colleagues to network, exchange ideas, and learn firsthand how geospatial technology is shaping global health.

Esri’s Health & Human Services Team

The Health and Human Services team’s goal is to modernize the approach to health and human services and transform the health of communities. Using GIS and various forms of data, they help blaze new trails in our industry. Some of these are how to prioritize spending, site service locations, and identify vulnerable populations. This leads to better outcomes for patients, stakeholders, and the public.

Like with the Esri product teams at the UC, Stratasan maintains a strong relationship with the Esri Health and Human Services team. Earlier this year the H&HS team welcomed a new leader in Dr. Este Geraghty who took over as Esri’s Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Geraghty did a wonderful job with her first conference as well as providing the spark for many interesting conversations with many of our Health GIS peers.

While in Atlanta, we also got to catch up with another invaluable member of the H&HS team, Natalie Jung. Natalie is the H&HS team’s Marketing Coordinator, and has been a longtime Stratasan friend. At the conference we were able to discuss all that was going on in our respective healthcare worlds and lay the groundwork for some interesting ideas we may explore together in the future.

Healthcare GIS

A strong focus on healthcare, public, and private health at this conference meant we were able to explore the many ways GIS is being applied to solve problems, improve strategy, and increase productivity within the healthcare sphere. At the conference we were treated to many tech workshops, user presentations, a GIS solutions EXPO, a hands on learning lab, and countless opportunities to network with a wide variety of health GIS professionals.

In Conclusion:

As we left San Diego and Atlanta this summer, we were inspired and intrigued by many of the GIS tools and methods used by our healthcare GIS peers and the greater GIS community at large. Continuing our GIS knowledge and expertise is the cornerstone of Stratasan’s GIS department. By doing so we are able to provide the best solutions, products, support, and analysis to our customers.  As we head into the last part of 2015 we are looking forward to continuing the growth and evolution of Stratasan’s best in the business GIS offerings.

2015 Esri User Conference Report

It’s been a busy summer for the Stratasan GIS team. Luckily, we found the time to check out the two most important Esri conferences out there to make sure we continue to bring the best Health GIS solutions to our team and to all of our customers.

The first of the two conferences was the biggest of the year: The Esri User Conference or “UC” to us GIS insiders! This conference is where Esri unveils the newest and coolest upgrades to their software, reports, and data. It has a large international crowd and usually fills the San Diego Convention center with around 20,000 people for a week in late July every year.

Below we’ll break out some of our favorite things from the ESRI User Conference:



Esri International User Conference – San Diego, CA (July 2015):

The Esri UC is the world’s biggest GIS event, covering content on how to implement and use GIS technology across hundreds of thousands of organizations. And other than the fact that they day I arrived in San Diego was the wettest day on record (1.03” of rain fell in 24 hours!), it was a great week to spend at the world’s best GIS conference!

2015/2020 Data Release

As always, the biggest news of the year for Stratasan and our clients was the release of the new 2015/2020 Demographics/Psychographics dataset. As you know, Esri’s annual Demographic/Psychographic data is the best there is! This year it also came out earlier in the year than ever before (Since Stratasan has been around that is!). Like in previous years, this data includes demographic and tapestry data from the country level all the way down to the block group level and everything in between.

In addition to the normal data fanfare we have a very special announcement: For the first time Esri released a 2020 Age/Sex/Race breakout dataset just for us! This means that Stratasan and our application are now 100% Esri data! The best way to follow this great news is that we’re happy to report that all of our products are fully integrated with 2015/2020 data and ready for any projects you can throw at us!

Business Analyst Online (BAO)/ ArcMap 10.3.1/BA Desktop 10.3.1

As always, we keep a constant eye on BAO for our customers.  This year, BAO’s look remained largely unchanged. But, don’t let that fool you. Esri has made BAO faster than ever. It still runs the same reports and analysis you are used to, it just now does so using the above-mentioned 2015/2020 dataset.

Like with BAO, ArcMap did not go through a major transformation this year with the release of ArcMap 10.3.1, and neither did the Business Analyst (BA) extension we use.  The program now runs faster than ever, has increased functionality, and allows us to perform the best GIS analysis possible for our customers using 2015/2020 data!

Esri Staff Relations

Stratasan prides itself on our strong relationships with many Esri staff members, and the UC is a great time to catch up, discuss product improvements, suggest new features, and find new ways that we can help forge the future of healthcare GIS together!

This year at the UC I had a series of great meetings and discussions with Esri’s Demographic/Psychographic Data Product Manager, The Business Analyst Desktop Product Manager, the BAO Product Manager, and many others. Stratasan not only prides itself on its up to the date GIS knowledge, but on our strong relationships with the people who matter on teams that develop the products both our customers and ourselves utilize every day.

Be sure to check back in to the Stratasan blog next week when we discuss the ESRI Health & Human Services Conference.

Stratasan: An Intern Experience – Chelsea Derer


Chelsea Derer, Vanderbilt Senior and Stratasan Intern (2014)

I am a senior at Vanderbilt University and recently finished a summer internship at Stratasan. In my time there I learned an incredible amount and am so appreciative of the opportunity I had to work at a wonderful company with amazing people. Advice I received prior to my internship was extremely helpful in making it such a great experience for me. After reflecting on my time at Stratasan, I’ve developed this list of my top 6 pieces of advice for interns.

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Stratasan Adds New President

Marshall MartinStratasan is excited to welcome new company president Marshall Martin to the team.  Marshall joins Stratasan having previously served as COO of Nashville based technology companies Juris and PureSafety.

“Marshall is the right addition to lead the management team and to help us accelerate Stratasan into the net phase of growth,” said Jim Phillips, chairman of Stratasan. “Marshall’s expertise driving growth and profitability in emerging companies combined with the strength of our platform and capabilities of the existing management team and staff at Stratasan provide a good match to capitalize on a very opportunistic market for the use of data and analytics to support strategic business decisions for healthcare.”

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