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Strategic Planning

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Physician Relations

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Mergers & Acquisitions

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What is it?

Spark is the concierge analytics, planning, and execution team for Stratasan. A diverse team of experts with specialized skills in GIS mapping, health analysis, and data handling, Spark is a complement and extension to any hospital planning team, available on a project by project basis or as an on-going partnership.

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What’s the Value?

  • A new reality
    Rather than getting stuck in endless data piles, the Spark team will work with you to translate data into actionable growth initiatives and enable you to have meaningful strategic conversations between team members at every level of your organization.
  • Flexible availability
    Spark is not a one-size fits all offering. It can be adapted to meet the needs of our partners. Either through one-off projects or ongoing engagements, working with the Spark team can stretch to fit any partner arrangement.
  • The ideal skill set
    The skills that Stratasan values when looking to hire a new member of the Spark team are the same skills that Spark offers to its partners. Our best candidates have mastered the complexities of mapping, data analytics, and state data management. Access to a team with this diverse skill set is a value that would be impossible to find in one internal resource.
  • Financial savings
    The speed and quality of the Spark team output reduces your need for additional internal resources, freeing you to invest in other strategic opportunities.


Strategic Planning

The evolving landscape of healthcare requires year-round strategic planning and reliable tools for measuring progress. Planning professionals need timely insight, actionable information, and answers to their leading questions.

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Marketing leaders in the healthcare industry today are often faced with the challenge of doing more with less. Marketing teams need fast, reliable, and in-depth intelligence about pertinent patient populations in order to build effective campaigns with the highest probability of a favorable ROI.

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Physician Relations

Healthcare systems armed with well-supported intelligence are better equipped to recruit and retain the right physician relationships driving better patient volume. An understanding of physician referral patterns and outmigration trends drives better strategic growth decisions.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Acquisitions and partnerships are an important element in strategic growth. As healthcare executive teams develop strategies for growth via partnerships, acquisitions, and de novo projects, it is critical to have a team you can trust to help drive those decisions.

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Request Custom Projects from the Spark Team


  • Data Refresh: Stale and outdated intelligence leads to inaccurate reporting and planning. Avoid this problem with Stratasan’s Data Refresh. Data Refresh will update previously requested pivot tables as well as market share, demographic, and geographic data pulls and reports.
  • Custom Map Request: With over 2,000 data elements, Stratasan is ready to create the right custom map for your needs. By talking with one of our experts, you can be assured of a high-quality map that gives you the insight you need. Typical requests include regional site maps, hospital service area maps, and high-resolution poster-style maps.
  • Custom Data Pull: For those data needs that are not as straight forward as a query, Stratasan’s data experts can create custom datasets to fit your specific needs. Custom Data Pulls may include after hours care admission details filtered by age, product line, payer type, or physician visits or can be as simple as a listing of patient visits during a calendar year.
  • Custom Requests: The name says it all. What you need to know about your market is not always a canned report or query. Tell us what you are trying to analyze and Stratasan will create the custom report for you.

Community Health Needs Assessment

In an effort to meet the needs of the communities served hospitals must periodically connect with their patients and populations to gain insight of who their patient base is and how to best serve them. While The Affordable Care Act added requirements in reporting community needs for non-profits (Form 990), the trend has carried over to the for profit systems as well. A well executed Community Health Needs Assessment goes well beyond compliance and adds value to any hospital system.

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