Intelligence for Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Products and solutions empowering you to drive your key growth initiatives

Mergers + Acquisitions

Mergers + Acquisitions

Solid strategies for facilitating growth and providing economies of scale

Physician Relations

Physician Relations

Simplify a successful strategy for connecting your most valuable assets



Tools and guidance for increasing awareness and improving execution

Strategic Planning

Products and Solutions to drive your key growth initiatives

Strategic Planning in healthcare has evolved from an annual static process into a dynamic set of events throughout the year. Market share, service line initiatives, and physician relations remain the key elements to the most successful plans. It is now time to capture the “So What?” from your strategic plan and move to executing your growth plan.
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Mergers & Acquisitions

A solid M&A strategy can facilitate growth and provide economies of scale.

As hospital and healthcare systems develop their strategies of the future, the question always asked is “How do we grow revenues while delivering the highest quality of patient care at the lowest possible costs?” Is it best to accomplish this in the current operating environment or are these initiatives best accomplished through an effective M&A Strategy? Acquiring and merging of healthcare facilities can immediately lead to increased market share, adding additional physicians, service lines, beds, and clinical expertise. All while improving scale and reduced costs through additional volumes.

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Physician Referrals

Maximize your Physician Referral Network

To achieve maximum growth for your hospital system it is important to have visibility of both inbound and outbound physician referral patterns. Awareness of those patterns allows hospital marketers to work with their clinical counterparts to drive additional opportunities through new appointments, increased physician capabilities, and maximizing in- network transfers of patients. As healthcare moves to a population health management type model, those who manage the physician referral process most efficiently are those who are able to do a better job of keeping their patients within their network.

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Increase awareness to improve execution of your addressable markets.

Marketing execution improves as market understanding improves. Market intelligence is available to understand your primary, secondary, and extended service areas and can provide the foundation for your marketing initiatives. Those who use this intelligence will always outperform those who just follow their instincts and will rise above the competition in the long run. Turn intelligence into decisions faster.

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