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A Complement to or Extension of Any Hospital Planning Team

Spark is the concierge analytics, planning, and execution team for Stratasan. A diverse team of experts with specialized skills in GIS mapping, health analysis, and data handling, Spark is available on a project-by-project basis or as an ongoing partnership.

Services We Offer

Our Services Team Supports Needs Across Your Business, Freeing You Up for More Strategic Decisions

The Value of Spark

How Our Concierge Analytics, Planning, and Execution Team Can Drive Growth For Your Hospital

Give Meaning to Data
Don't get stuck in endless data piles.

The Ideal Skill Set
We have the best analysts at your disposal.

Flexible Availability
We don’t believe in one size fits all.

Financial Savings
Reduce your need for additional internal resources.

Strategic Planning

The evolving landscape of healthcare requires year-round strategic planning and reliable tools for measuring progress. Planning professionals need timely insight, actionable information, and answers to their critical questions.

How we support your strategic planning

Physician Relations

Healthcare systems armed with well-supported intelligence are better equipped to recruit and retain the right physician relationships, driving higher patient volume. An understanding of physician referral patterns and outmigration trends drives better strategic growth decisions.

How we support your physician relations


Marketing leaders in the healthcare industry today are often faced with the challenge of doing more with less. Marketing teams need fast, reliable, and in-depth intelligence about pertinent patient populations in order to build effective campaigns with the highest probability of a favorable ROI.

How we support your marketing efforts

Expansion & Business Development

Acquisitions and partnerships are an important element in strategic growth. As healthcare executive teams develop strategies for growth via partnerships, acquisitions, and de novo projects, it is critical to have a team you can trust to help drive those decisions.

How we support expansion

Community Health

Hospitals and healthcare systems need comprehensive intelligence to understand the needs of the community they serve. With the right insights, hospitals can improve the health of their community and simultaneously build their brand.

How we support community health

Custom Projects

How Our Concierge Analytics, Planning, and Execution Team Can Drive Growth for Your Hospital

Data Refresh

Don't let old data get in your way.

Custom Demographics Reports

Understand the lifestyle and habits within your market.

Custom Maps

High-quality maps give you better insight.

Custom Reports

The name says it all.

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