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Grow With Confidence

Software and data services for better, more efficient strategic growth decisions.

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Who We Work With

Drive Growth. Make an Impact.

  • Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Healthcare Associations
  • Healthcare Partners
Hospitals & Systems

Hospitals & Health Systems of All Sizes

From independent to mid-sized and large health systems, Stratasan works to customize software and services solutions for your unique challenges.

We work with:

Hospital Associations

Hospital Associations

Hospital associations partner with Stratasan for data collection in part because our applications are more current and robust than those of our competitors, many of which are relying on outdated and functionally insufficient technology.

Help your member organizations drive growth by using these platforms:

Healthcare Partners

Healthcare Partners

Stratasan provides valuable intelligence to other healthcare partners looking to support hospitals and health systems through market reimbursement, demographics reports, site selections, micro-targeting reports, and more.

We work with:

Strategic Planning in 2021

Finding balance as we move through the COVID-19 crisis

In this presentation, you will learn:
  • How 2019 strategic plans can be revisited for effective use in 2021
  • What it means to create a balanced strategic plan
  • How Stratasan’s software and services can help you to achieve your strategic goals

Make strategic growth planning a real-time conversation.

Gain more time for strategy and planning with interactive presentations that can help you and your team ask and answer questions as they come up.

Get Off the Data Treadmill

By harnessing our data expertise and combining it with their local knowledge, our customers can remove the roadblock of endless data analysis and progress to the important work of data-based growth planning.

Healthcare Strategic Planning Toolkit

Across the Board Our Partners Agree:
Stratasan is a Game Changer

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