Turning Data Into Intelligence

Our Software Suite & Team of Experts Are What Set Us Apart

Stratasan's software and services provide market intelligence to hospitals and healthcare systems, equipping them to make better decisions and maximize strategic growth.

Data Transparency and a World-Class Data Process

We collect, quality check, and refresh incoming data—so you don’t have to! By taking this arduous and time-consuming task off the plate of our partners, prior to even loading the data into our software platform, we provide the opportunity for focus on the more important job of making informed growth decisions.
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Unique Combination of Technology Expertise and Comprehensive Data Insight

We’re a products company with a focus on collaboration. We not only support all-payer claims, state, internal, and Medicare data, but we also build the technology that powers these data sets. This means we can offer a superior customer experience through product support, custom builds, and faster response times.

Dedicated to a Positive Customer Experience

Whether your goals are growth and acquisition, building better relationships with the physicians in your market, more effectively reaching your customers, or creating more informed strategic plans, our team offers support and expertise to get you there. Stratasan’s Customer Success team was instituted to ensure one essential thing: your success.
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