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At Stratasan, we believe that informed growth planning drives better strategic decision-making. We provide market intelligence and actionable insights that allow hospitals and health systems to thrive in the challenging healthcare market.

Open Positions

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Digital Marketing Manager

The Digital Marketing Manager is an integral member of the Growth Team at Stratasan. Stratasan’s Growth Team is charged with growing the business and continually adding value to our customers. As Digital Marketing Manager, you will be the sole owner and manager of the demand generation strategies at Stratasan. In this role you will work closely with Marketing Creative Services and Sales teams to generate new leads and nurture them to the point of qualification. You will also support the growth of the business through engaging existing customers.

A successful candidate will have experience in B2B demand generation or “Inbound Marketing,” and be comfortable working with a CRM tool, paid social advertising, and email marketing.  

The Digital Marketing Manager at Stratasan is responsible for three key areas: (1) Executing an Inbound Marketing strategy focused on lead generation,  (2) Managing digital marketing operations, (3) Conversion rate optimization throughout marketing funnel.

(1) Executing an Inbound Marketing strategy focused on lead generation

  • Ownership and management of Hubspot CRM, including creation of workflows, email campaigns, reporting, lead scoring, etc.
  • Website management to support inbound lead generation
  • Build and optimize landing pages for gated materials
  • Persona management
  • Work closely with Creative Services to leverage content as a tool for Inbound Marketing efforts
  • Execute paid advertising campaigns with a goal of driving leads
    • LinkedIn content ads
    • Google Adwords

(2) Managing Digital Marketing operations

  • Implementation and management of technology, as appropriate
  • Recruiting and managing third party vendors as needed for functions such as web development and design
  • Cross-departmental coordination, particularly with Sales and Customer Success, for further prospecting and customer engagement
  • Improve data integrity through data cleansing, list segmentation, data alignment, and implementing process and workflow improvements

 (3) Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Diligently track marketing metrics and look for ways to improve the process and drive more, higher quality leads  
    • Improve conversion rates, with a particular focus on Leads-to-MQLs
    • Reduce timing between stages in the funnel
  • Create and manage A/B testing initiatives as well as other proactive testing strategies
  • Continually evolve website to support inbound lead generation
  • Research and propose B2B Inbound Marketing best practices


  • You have a strong understanding of digital marketing, specifically, demand generation or “Inbound Marketing”
  • You can think creatively and have a willingness to experiment (even if that means failing a time or two)!
  • You are comfortable with web technologies and can learn new applications quickly
  • You are a self-starter and make decisions quickly and confidently
  • You can multitask high-level projects while still delivering core job functions
  • You are comfortable working solo, but also thrive in a team environment


  • Experience using Hubspot
  • Experience in Healthcare and/or SaaS


Contact Haley Devlin:

Developer Intern

The Stratasan developer team is looking to hire an intern for the summer of 2018.

The ideal candidate is pursuing a Bachelors Degree in a technical field, though we’d happily consider candidates from other backgrounds with commensurate experience in software development.

We’re looking for

  • Strong communication skills.
  • Strong sense of organization.
  • Creativity & flexibility.
  • Some familiarity amongst the following areas:
    • Python or other comparable languages
    • Django or comparable frameworks
    • Javascript, HTML, CSS
    • Postgresql or other RDBMSs

If you are not familiar with Python or Django, any similar modern language and framework is fine. We are more interested in candidates that are interested in web development and all that entails. Familiarity with how web pages work is more important than the specific language.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • You’ll be involved in most, if not all, code reviews. As professional developers, we read much more code than we write and want you to do the same.
  • At the end of the summer, present a project of considerable size to the larger product team. We want you to learn throughout the summer and this will help demonstrate that.
  • Above all we want you to be contributing to our production systems by the end of the summer.


The start and end date of this position is somewhat flexible based on your availability, but in general it will run from May to September.

This is a paid position, $12/hour. Ideally, you’ll be able to work with the team 15-20 hours a week, but if you are available to work 40 hours we can keep you busy.

How To Apply

Please send your application to and:

  • Provide your availability over the summer (number of hours available per week, when you can start, and when you head back to school).
  • Tell us why you think you would be a good fit for this internship.
  • Share any projects that you have worked on in the past that might be relevant to this internship

Apply at or via LinkedIn

Why Stratasan

Our Team

We hustle. We care deeply about our work and achieving the company’s purpose, and we hold each other accountable for doing so. We trust one another, have fun together, and put the team first. We are Stratasan.

Our Office

Our office is located in downtown Nashville, just steps away from the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park. Our space is open and interactive, and we pride ourselves with having the best coffee around, sourced from a local roastery, Bongo Java.

Our Approach

Growth is in our DNA. Not only do we help hospitals and health systems grow strategically, but we are dedicated to the growth of our employees, both personally and professionally.

Our Benefits

  • Stratasan Everybody Makes Coffee

    Our Values

    Everybody Makes the Coffee

    We help where help is needed. Whether we’re asked to pitch in on an important call, run a meeting at the last minute, or make the morning coffee - everybody does what’s necessary to keep the engine running. We don’t believe in “pulling rank.”

  • Stratasan Honest Conversations

    Our Values

    Honest Conversations
    Make Us Stronger

    The toughest conversations, when approached with kindness and respect, yield the best outcomes for the business and the team. We don’t hide from tough conversations.

  • Stratasan Seek to Understand

    Our Values

    Seek First to Understand

    We try to see other people’s perspective prior to sharing ours. We make a deliberate effort to see things from their point of view and refrain from judgement until we do. This goes for interaction with customers, colleagues, and prospects alike.

  • Stratasan Assume Positive Intent

    Our Values

    Assume Positive Intent

    We believe it’s important to start from the assumption that people are good and that their intentions are positive. We believe this builds stronger and more trusting relationships.

  • Stratasan Challenge

    Our Values

    We'll Figure it Out

    We may not immediately have the answer to a question or solution to a problem, but we are always committed to finding one. We believe most challenges can become great opportunites - with a little brainstorming, thoughtful conversation, and a resourceful attitude. Whatever comes our way, We'll figure it out.

  • Stratasan Success

    Our Values

    Our Success is My Success

    We support one another, strive for the success of the team, and recognize that nothing is done alone.

  • Stratasan Don't Quit

    Our Values

    Show Up Don't Quit

    Whatever we are doing at Stratasan, we must first consciously Show Up; and when things are difficult we must convinces ourselves Don’t Quit.

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