Want to Contribute to the Success of a High-Growth Healthcare Technology Company?

Come Join a Team That Is Making a Difference in Healthcare Every Day!

At Stratasan, we believe that informed growth planning drives better strategic decision-making. We provide market intelligence and actionable insights that allow hospitals and health systems to thrive in the challenging healthcare market.

We're Always Looking for Bright, Ambitious, Team Players.

Sales Executive

Stratasan is looking for an experienced healthcare Sales Executive to generate and close new ARR deals within an assigned target account list.

You will be responsible for engaging potential clients to drive new business and exceed revenue goals. Reporting to our SVP of Sales, you will manage complex enterprise sales cycles and coordinate with Stratasan’s internal resources to progress opportunities to close.

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Senior Director Demand Generation 

Are you a Jedi Master of demand generation? Do you use digital and account-based marketing like a lightsaber to help convert the Empire of prospects who don’t yet know about your company?  Ever had success delivering a Death Star-sized batch of great leads to Sales?

Reporting to the SVP of Marketing, this key role will lead our metrics and ROI-focused efforts to generate leads for Sales and then help nurture them as they progress in our funnel.  If the Marketing Force is strong in you, come join our team!

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Senior Software Engineer

As a Senior Software Engineer, you will build tools and services to help our customers improve patient care through data-driven insights. You will work with our Product team to deliver product fixes and new features, provide reviews for Pull-Requests written by coworkers, and help continually improve our codebases & team processes.

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Software Engineer – Mid Level

In the Software Engineer role, you will collaborate with our Product and Data Services teams to build new features and products and deliver incredible software. You will develop and maintain web-based products and tools and implement best practices in software development. You will also write automated tests to ensure quality work and prevent introduction of regression, and translate business requirements into technical specifications.

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Why Stratasan

Our Team

We hustle. We care deeply about our work and achieving the company’s purpose, and we hold each other accountable for doing so. We trust one another, have fun together, and put the team first. We are Stratasan.

Our "Office"

In March of 2020, all employees began fully-remote (or, distributed, as we call it) work due to COVID-19. This arrangement has worked so well, we’ve decided to remain fully-distributed going forward. While our team is now dispersed across the country, we’re still intentional about maintaining the close-knit, collaborative feel of working together in one office.

Our Approach

Growth is in our DNA. Not only do we help hospitals and health systems grow strategically, but we are dedicated to the growth of our employees, both personally and professionally.

Our Hiring Philosophy

We’re stronger because of our customer-first culture and our inclusive work environment. We’re an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran, or disability status. We believe our differences truly make us stronger.

Our Benefits

Everybody Icon

Our Values

Everybody Makes the Coffee

We help where help is needed. Whether we’re asked to pitch in to support a customer, run a meeting at the last minute, or make the morning coffee, everybody does what’s necessary to keep the engine running. We don’t believe in “pulling rank.”

Honest Icon

Our Values

Honest Conversations Make Us Stronger

Tough conversations, when approached with kindness and respect, yield the best outcomes for the business and the team. We don’t shy away from difficult conversations. We approach them with curiosity and empathy, working to understand the other person’s perspective prior to sharing our own.

Assume Icon

Our Values

Assume Positive Intent

We start from the assumption that people are good and that their intentions are positive. We believe this builds stronger and more trusting relationships.

Punch Above

Our Values

We'll Figure it Out

We may not immediately have the answer to a question, but we’re always committed to finding one. We believe most challenges are great opportunities to consciously show up, and with a resourceful attitude, brainstorm and consider the best course of action. Whatever comes our way, we won’t quit until we find a solution.

Success Icon

Our Values

Our Success is My Success
We support one another, strive for the success of the team, and recognize that nothing is done alone.