Canvas Report Updates

At Stratasan, we believe in continuous improvement. Sometimes that improvement means making changes to our platform offerings. With that in mind, we want to make you aware of changes to our Canvas platform.

All users with a Canvas subscription now have access to a suite of Projections Reports: State Data Inpatient Discharges and State Data Inpatient Patient Days, Insurance Coverage Estimates, and Physician Demand Estimates. Users can access these reports by going into Canvas and clicking on the Health Service Demand (Projections) tab.

Additionally, based on customer input and utilization, we have elected to remove the following Canvas reports.

Report Name
State Market Share (single facility, trended, product line and DRGs market share)
Inpatient Visits By Service Line
Health Service Market Overview
Physician Office Visits by Physician Specialty
Inpatient Visits, Demographic Summary
Outpatient Visits, Grouped Primary Procedures
Inpatient Visits, Primary Diagnosis
Outpatient Visits, Primary Diagnosis
Outpatient Visits, Demographic Summary
Outpatient Visits, Expected Payer Source
Physician Office Visits, Demographic Summary
Inpatient Visits, Diagnostic Related Groupings
Physician Office Visits, By Practice Specialty Category
Outpatient Visits, Grouped Procedures (All Listed)
Inpatient Visits, Expected Payer Source
Emergency Room Visits, Demographic Summary
Emergency Room Visits, Primary Diagnosis
Physician Office Visits, Expected Payer Source
Physician Office Visits, Primary Diagnosis
Emergency Room, Primary Reason For Visit
Emergency Room, Expected Payer Source
Physician Profile
Physician Outbound Referrals

These changes take place on October 1, 2020.

Please feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to directly with questions or for additional information.

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