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Raw data can't drive strategic growth.

But combining data transparency with a world class data process will lead to better growth decisions.

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What is Data Processing?

"Data processing" refers to the collection, aggregation, cleaning, and updating of data so hospitals and health systems can use it to make informed strategic decisions.

Why is a strong data process needed?

The healthcare space is flooded with various types of data: state data sets, Medicare data sets, all-claims data, hospital patient data, demographic, psychographic, and more.

Because of all this available data, every hospital and health system could benefit from a strong data process. This practice is particularly crucial for hospitals systems juggling multi-state data or using SPSS or SQL to aggregate data.

How strong is your data process?

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What does a strong data process look like?

The formula for a strong data process boils down to these 5 steps:

data processing made with clean data

Stratasan Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Today, hospital resources are getting caught in the weeds, spending the majority of their time in the data. This leaves less and less time for the higher, more strategic levels of thinking. By taking this arduous and time-consuming task off the plate of our partners, prior to even loading the data into our software platform, we provide opportunity for focus on the more important job of making informed growth decisions.

How We Do It


1. Data Receipt

Client orders data from their respective states
OR uploads data directly through our HIPAA-compliant website
OR Stratasan downloads the data on the client’s behalf

2. Verify Trends

Verify quarterly and yearly trends multiple times

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3. Connect Codes

Connect specific codes (MS-DRG, ICD9, CPT, HCPCS) to descriptions for easier usability of the data within the Stratasan platforms

4. Validate Formatting

Validate formatting of fields to ensure the correct connections between the codes and descriptions

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5. Quality Assurance

Examine overall volume, facility discharges or visits, and product line comparisons—any outliers are flagged and investigated

6. Added Value

Provide additional value on top of the data, making it more useful to you as you draw insights from it

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7. Go Live

Data is approved and made "live" for users

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Transform your data into accessible intelligence with
Stratasan Data Services and our proprietary software.

Stratasan Pathway Software Suite

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A visual intelligence platform that transforms complex market and demographic data into straightforward insights.

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Stratasan Analytics Platform

Analytics Platform

A customizable data query engine and report-building platform for immediate and unrestricted access to intelligence.

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