All Payer Data

All-Payer Claims Data

Complete Data Transparency for All-Payers and All Sites of Care

Our all-payer data will enable you to better understand the continuum of care, including physician referrals and patient outmigration. Gain deeper insight to your market dynamics and start getting more value from your data today.

A Unique Combination of Technology Expertise and Comprehensive Data Insight

We’re a products company with a focus on collaboration. We not only offer all-payer claims data but we also build the technology that powers this data set and others. This means we can offer a superior customer experience through product support, custom builds, and faster response times.

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Business Intelligence

Complete APCD Transparency

  • All sites of care including hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, physician offices, and urgent cares
  • More than 2 billion claims per year
  • Multiple years available
  • Several claims clearinghouses
  • Claim level detail
  • Updated on a monthly basis 

Learn more about how our tools can empower you to make better strategic growth decisions.

Analytics Platform

Get immediate and unrestricted access to healthcare intelligence.

Physician Pathway Software

Focused intelligence in the area of physician and provider relationships.

The Ultimate Guide for Healthcare Data

The Ultimate Guide for Healthcare Data

Determine which data is the right data for your growth planning and physician outreach

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See How Our Data Offering Can Support Your Growth Efforts

Making this Data Accessible and Usable for Informed Growth Planning

How does your physician referral strategy measure up? Use the right data to stay competitive and optimize physician outreach.

In this post, we unpack Stratasan’s data processing service and walk you through the technical aspects of how we turn raw data into actionable intelligence