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EMR Data

A Highly Valuable Data Asset

An added layer of insight for your strategic planning.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) data is a natural by-product of your facility's continued operation. When used in tandem with state, Medicare, and/or APCD, it provides a more insightful look at market penetration and volume trends.

Inform your strategy at a micro level.

Once your EMR data has been added to Stratasan’s analytics platform, you’ll be equipped to:

  • Better understand service line trends in your patient population
  • More effectively interpret healthcare utilization in your service area
  • Freely analyze your patient patterns in psychographic detail

3 ways to get the most from your EMR data:

Stratasan Assume Positive Intent


Start by correctly implementing your EMR system and ensuring this data is accurate, properly aggregated, and fundamentally sound.


Partner with Stratasan and use your EMR data in tandem with other datasets for a more complete and well-rounded understanding of patient behavior.

Stratasan Honest Conversations
Stratasan Seek to Understand


Gain micro-level insights and more in-depth analysis of your EMR data using Stratasan's Analytics Platform

Access Your EMR Data in our Platform

Analytics Platform

Gives you the ability to query EMR data in curated views.


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How to Make the Most of Your EMR Data

The Most Underestimated Dataset for Maximum Growth Impact

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