State Sourced Data

State Data

Extract the Maximum Value from State Data

Having access to actionable state data is a critical component of understanding your market at a granular level.

The challenge planners face when trying to extract insights from this data resides in the degree of variance that exists in how data is collected, organized, and categorized. Stratasan acquires, formats, and QAs state datasets, prior to loading the data into our software platform, which provides opportunity for focus on the more important job of making informed growth decisions.

Better understand market share, competitors, and trends in your market.

With the hassles of state data resolved, your team will be equipped to more quickly and easily locate problem areas and opportunities within your hospital system, improve organizational alignment around how change should be implemented, and enabled focus on long-term goals.

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Customizable Reporting

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Physician Loyalty

Physician Case Volume Tool

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Launch Pathway

Market Data Visualization Platform

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How the Right Data Analysis Can Better Inform Strategic Growth

Big data can be tough to regulate. Focus on the right data in order to actually find the best insights.

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