Gist Healthcare Partners with Stratasan for ED Volume Analysis, Published by The New York Times

Stratasan’s Data and Insight Leveraged for Gist and NY Times Articles

Stratasan partnered with Gist Healthcare recently in a discussion on how post-pandemic healthcare volume is not returning evenly. Stratasan’s team executed research on ED volume decline which details how nationally, ED visits were down 27 percent in 2020, compared to 2019. The results of our analysis can be seen in the graphic below.


The Gist article, which can be read in its entirety here, went on to share that “ED-only volume (cases that started and ended in the ED) took a large hit across last year, down nearly a third from 2019. [Gist Healthcare analysts] expect that a portion of this ED-only volume will never fully recover to pre-COVID levels, with patient demand permanently shifting to lower-acuity care settings, including virtual, and some patients avoiding care altogether for minor ailments as they learn to “live with” problems like back pain.”

Our ED volume graphic was also shared in this article published by The New York Times reporting on UnitedHealthcare coverage for some emergency room visits.

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