Health Datapalooza – 3rd Place Finish

Stratasan was honored to be a part of this year’s Health Datapalooza in Washington DC with Todd Park and all of the great people in the healthcare data world.  One thing that everyone had to take away from their time spent there is that the movement is in full swing! Our ability as an community and industry to affect real progress in both health and healthcare is real! We met a lot of outstanding people performing work with lasting impact on our country’s healthcare system

Stratasan was invited to participate in the Apps Demo competition. Our founder and chairman, Tod Fetherling, weaved a story of how hospitals can know who their community is and how to best serve them in under 9 minutes using our cloud applications and our healthcare GIS capabilities.

The presentation was so well received by the panel members that we walked away with a 3rd place ribbon. An interesting note is we didn’t actually know there was a competition until the day before we were leaving for DC.

Once again we are honored to be playing a small part in this movement, and we look forward to progressing as a company and eagerly await the next innovations being made as we open up our access to health and healthcare data.

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