Healthcare Startup of the Year

Photo Credit: Sam Bradley, Low-light phone photographer extraordinaire

Stratasan was honored on September 27th with the NEXT Award for Healthcare Startup Company of the Year. We are extremely honored with this recognition, especially in a city where healthcare plays such a major role in the overall economy. A huge thanks to all of those behind the scenes from the Entrepreneur Center and Nashville Chamber of Commerce who put on a fantastic event (yes, I am now biased!).

As I sat there with the Stratasan team (and a few Emma folks, too), there was an overwhelming sense of family as we continue to push and pull every day together.

This thought line continued as we watched as our friends, vendors, customers, and neighbors (many falling into multiple buckets) nominated and selected as the recipients of award after award.

Right off the top of my head: Michael Brody-Waite and the InQuicker team, Kate O’Neal and metamarketer, Evan Owens and centresource, Evan Austill/David Frederickson and PatientCredit, Christopher Redhage/Michael Rosen and ProviderTrust, Jerry Baker and Conexess, Brian Prentice and Ingenuity Associates, and the list could go on and on.

So what’s the point?  Well, I have two.

First, I am very grateful and humbled by this honor in THIS city. Second, the bigger reward for me that night was to be there with the Stratasan team (and my wife!) alongside the other incredible people in Nashville celebrating entrepreneurship together.

Our company has come a long way since that fate-filled conversation with Tod Fetherling many moons ago. I’m more excited now than ever about the impact Stratasan can have on healthcare and how it serves the many communities throughout our country.

Here’s to what’s NEXT!