How to Capitalize on your Opportunities: Zero to 5000 Podcast, featuring Jason Moore

Our very own Jason Moore, Stratasan Founder and CEO, had an inspiring conversation on the Zero To 5000 Podcast!

The Zero To 5000 podcast hosts deep conversations with the founders of America’s fastest-growing companies, unpacking the secrets that are making them successful today. This podcast centered around how to capitalize on your opportunities, with Jason Moore leading the charge.

What was discussed?
  • Don’t hang on to one success, learn how to duplicate it
  • Look for lucky bounces – the happenstance meetings with people that could change your business (aka “wholuck,” al la Jim Collins)
  • Clarity in writing is clarity in thought – you MUST get your idea on paper
  • Once you get your idea in writing, ask others to give feedback, and edit!

If you’d like to learn more about how Stratasan can help your hospital or healthcare system, book a demo with us. Let us discuss how our software and services can support your specific strategic growth plans and goals. 

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