Introducing StrataLabs

With a goal of collaboration, prototype testing, and embracing failure, Stratasan has launched a new internal team called StrataLabs. This team meets weekly to discuss problems that need a solution, consider new ideas, and present findings. The goal is for StrataLabs to be a testing ground where ideas can be cultivated into new products, features, and technologies. It’s an environment where ideas can be tested with little risk and the question of “how might we…?” can be posed in a low-pressure space, opening the floor to all possibilities.

As a product of StrataLabs innovation efforts, a new mapping tool has been developed that allows users to input an address and view surrounding traffic counts. The Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) Map can preemptively address potential opportunities and possible issues by demonstrating traffic patterns.  Users will be able to gather insight into the movement of the population and determine if traffic volume is well suited to support a new site placement. Click here to try the tool.

With many ideas in development, there will be new products and tools being introduced in the near future. Stay tuned for updates as every new development is created with our partners in mind. 

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