Medicare Data

Medicare Data

Access and Derive Insights from Medicare’s Datasets

Medicare (CMS) presents many types of datasets—Public Use Files, Limited Data Sets, and Research Identifiable Files—that can be difficult to access and unravel.

With guidance and direction on how to make sense of it all, these datasets can provide valuable intelligence for strategic growth.

Extract Insights from Medicare Data

We acquire, format, and process Medicare data before loading it into our software platforms. Our team of quality assurance analysts ensures the data is formatted correctly and easy to understand. We then create reports and derived datasets based upon this data so you can quickly query it, draw insights, and make more informed growth decisions.

Medicare Data
Medicare Circle

Important Medicare Data Details:

  • Helpful with market share, outmigration, and physician outreach insights
  • Includes “Medicare population” whose healthcare utilization is usually higher
  • Stratasan holds a seat with CMS’s Virtual Research Data Center (VRDC) which provides more timely data releases
  • Considered to be reliable as reporting requirements are consistent nationwide

Learn more about how our tools can empower you to make better strategic growth decisions.

Physician Patterns

A comprehensive overview of physician referrals in your market.

Launch Pathway

Executive-level insights for informed strategic growth planning.

Medicare Data

Get Answers to Your Medicare Data Questions

Our team of experts will walk you through the process of untangling Medicare data offerings, acquiring the necessary licenses, when needed, and help you determine which category of Medicare data you need to obtain based on your goals.
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How the Right Data Analysis Can Better Inform Strategic Growth

Big data can be tough to regulate. Focus on the right data in order to actually find the best insights.

Learn More About Medicare Data

We discuss the changes CMS is making to Medicare data and the advantages that will be available.

As a multi-state hospital system, there are many unique challenges that make an analytics partner a compelling option. 

Understand how these different data sets are collected and how to use it for growth.