New Product Features to Blackbird and Launch Pathway

We are always looking for ways to drive value for our customers, and have recently developed some complementary additions to both our data query tool, Blackbird, and our data visualization tool, Launch Pathway.

Our new Blackbird feature is called Physician Roster. In order to help you keep track of the key physicians in your area, Physician Roster allows you to upload a CSV file of the physicians you are targeting. You will then be able to run reports enriched with physician detail specific to your organization such as employment status, primary practice, specialty. Physician alignment is incredibly important, and this feature will allow you to immediately update physician information within Blackbird, rather than having to rely on physician lists provided by other vendors. The tool is easy to use, customizable, and heavily impactful. View screenshots of how a Physician Roster list can be added to a Crosswalk below.

Our new Launch Pathway feature is called Insights and it offers you a plain-language summary of the complex data analysis our platform performs. It connects the dots for you between data analysis and strategic conclusions, and it is fantastic for providing quick updates across your organization. To access these insights, simply click on the lightbulb icon in the top right corner of each data card. Please note, the feature is not available when a ‘filter’ is being used on the data within the launchpad. View a screenshot of the feature below.

If you are not using Blackbird and/or Launch Pathway and would like to be, we would love to schedule some time to offer you a quick demo. Stratasan’s products all work hand-in-hand to provide you with the best information available in order to empower your strategic planning decisions.

If you have any questions or need additional information, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or

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