Physician Office Visit Statistics 2010

Understanding utilization rates in healthcare is an important step for a better educated public. Below you will find breakdowns of physician office visits for the country by age, sex, and race.

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The chart above represents how age groups utilize physicians in a different manner.  In future posts, we will also be exploring Inpatient, Outpatient, and Emergency Room visits from multiple angles.

The lowest “users” of physician office services are the age group 15-25 (1.86 visits per year) and the highest being 75+ (6.8 visits per year).

These numbers can be broken down further to paint a clearer picture.


This breakdown shows the female population accounts for approximately 58% of all physician office visits across the country.  Females in the age range of 45-65 are just over 17% of all POV.

You can access the image of the full report by clicking here.

One table included in the full report is a breakdown of POV utilizations by Race and Age Group.

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  1. It woukld be interesting to see what percentage of these visits are for preventive services and if that number goes up with the new healthcare law.

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