Accessible Reimbursement Data

Level the Playing Field in Reimbursement Data Discussions

Activate Healthcare Growth Strategies That Get Results

Negotiate with Confidence

Finally understand how your rates compare to the market.

Data Transparency in Reimbursement Discussions

Evaluate Market Opportunities

Identify the ideal rate structure for your services in any market.

Using Reimbursement Data When Entering New Markets

Respond to Market Shifts

Compare rates, mitigate risk, and evaluate growth opportunities.

Responding to Shifts in the Healthcare Outpatient Market

[Toolkit] Mastering Reimbursement Negotiations​

  • Learn how to successfully negotiate for higher reimbursement
  • Identify what is fair market reimbursement
  • Understand the value of having confidence in your reimbursement data

Tools to Support Strategic Planning

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Market Reimbursement Analyzer

Empower Your Payer-Provider Negotiations

“When we partnered with Stratasan to create the Market Reimbursement Analyzer, our goal was to level the playing field for providers and payers by creating unprecedented transparency into the commercial reimbursement landscape. It’s unlike any other reimbursement analyzer tool on the market.”

Eric Passon, Founder and CEO of Ancore Health

Learn More About Reimbursement Data

Learn how to attract patients and enter new markets with confidence.

Create win-win scenarios in your reimbursement negotiations.

See your rates compared to the market and better prepare for negotiations.

Learn how both providers and payers can be prepared to act.