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Acquiring and merging healthcare facilities can lead to an immediate increase in market share, adding additional physicians, service lines, beds, and clinical expertise.

As healthcare planning teams develop strategies for growth and analyze markets for facilities to augment their capabilities, it is critical to have the necessary intelligence available to drive those decisions. Stratasan’s Mergers and Acquisitions Services, provided by the Spark Services Team, provide the insights and analysis that will guide planners toward solid growth strategies for confident decision making. Before investing millions of dollars in your next decision, contact the Spark Services Team today.

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Pro Forma Projection Model

Health systems and hospitals need to consider all factors and variables when choosing to move forward with a new business opportunity. Whether it’s a large capital investment, an acquisition, or anything in between, executive teams need a dynamic and accurate picture of how the business venture will look in the future. A Pro Forma Projection Model will forecast key success factors like revenue, expenses, and volume. The result will ensure your team makes a prepared and informed decision with your market positioning efforts.

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Site Location Analysis

Whatever your patient outreach strategy may be, Stratasan’s Site Location Analysis can provide assurance that you are placing the right services in the right locations. By analyzing patient volumes, market share, demographics, traffic volumes, and growth opportunities, the Stratasan Spark Services team provides actionable insight on the ideal location options for new healthcare access points.

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Development Brief

Stratasan’s Development Brief provides insight into a hospital or health system’s market share, product lines, competitor strength, community demographics, and marketing capabilities, acting as an overall measure of performance and growth potential. The Development Brief examines the market as a whole, while providing insight as to how your hospital or health system is performing against market and competition standards. This report is useful if you just acquired or are interested in acquiring a hospital and don’t have patient data yet, or if you are looking into a development or expansion but don’t have patient-level insights.

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Hospital Profile Report

It is important to understand the relevant costs and profit potential of a health facility being evaluated for acquisition. Stratasan’s Hospital Profile Report can help with this analysis. The Hospital Profile Report uses key performance indicators based on HCRIS reporting and includes profitability statistics, costs, Medicare payments, and other useful financial information about the facilities in question.

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