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Marketing leaders in the healthcare industry today are often faced with the challenge of doing more with less.

Stratasan’s marketing services provide fast, reliable, and in-depth intelligence about pertinent patient populations in order to build effective campaigns with the highest probability of a favorable ROI.
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A two-part reporting system, Stratasan’s Micro-Targeting allows for a deeper understanding of the psychographic and demographic makeup of your market. This intelligence is delivered in the form of easy-to-understand charts and provides a visual guide for the impact of a facility’s marketing and outreach efforts.

Read the Tanner Health System Success Story to learn how to uncover successful growth strategies through micro-target market segmentation.

Micro Target
Product Line Deep

Product Line Deep Dive

Stratasan’s Product Line Deep Dive looks more closely at your market data, considering market share, historical data, payor mix, and competitor strength. Through this analysis, we also look at patient origin by product line, geocoding all patients within this service line. We then analyze market share by sub-product line as well as top Diagnosis-Related Groups [DRGs].

Community Health Needs Assessment

As an integral part of their community, hospitals have a tremendous opportunity to be involved in the improvement of the health of that community. In an effort to best meet the needs of the communities served, hospitals should periodically connect with their populations to gain insight into the health of their community and how they can best serve them. A well-executed Community Health Needs Assessment [CHNA] goes well beyond compliance and adds value to any community and hospital system.

Take action on CHNA implementation with this Checklist:

Community Health Needs