Physician Relations

Physician Relations

Maximize Your Network

Healthcare systems that approach the physician referral process with well-supported intelligence and strategy will be better equipped to retain patients within their network.

Stratasan’s physician relations services, provided by the Spark Services Team, give reliable and detailed overviews of physician patterns and opportunities for current and potential service areas. With an awareness of inbound and outbound physician referral patterns, physician relations departments will be able to attract new appointment scheduling, increase physician capability, and maximize in-network transfer of patients.
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Physician Referral Analysis

When looking at physician referral patterns and loyalty, what physicians should be prioritized for growth and maintenance? The Trended Physician Referral Analysis will provide intelligence that outlines which are the best strategies for relationship building and physician outreach. Equipped with three years of referral data for inbound or outbound referrals, clients will be able to apply their local knowledge to determine physician loyalties and leakage to competitors.

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Trended Physician
Physician Demand Analysis

Physician & Provider Demand (Physician Needs Analysis)

It’s crucial for a hospital to meet the needs of the community by growing service lines through physician and provider recruitment. Stratasan’s Community Physician & Provider Demand Analysis is a service that outlines the inventory of providers, both physicians and advanced practice providers in a market, calculates a demographically adjusted demand model based on a weighted average of several models, and adjusts for potential provider retirements.