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Strategic Planning & Advisory

The evolving landscape of healthcare requires year-round strategic planning and reliable tools for measuring progress.

Planning professionals need timely insight, actionable information, and answers to their leading questions: Where should we build the next urgent care facility? What marketing programs are working effectively? Which service lines should we grow? Stratasan’s Strategic Planning Services, provided by the Spark Services Team, provide the insights and analysis that will guide strategic planners toward solutions with a high probability of success.
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Strategic Advisory Services

Stratasan’s Strategic Advisory Services is the perfect compliment to the independent hospital or small systems looking to grow. Our team of experts can assist with everything from facilitating a one-off strategy session, conducting a physician needs analysis, executing CHNAs, or working with you to fully develop your strategic plan. Our team provides the data, insights, and strategic growth expertise that can empower your team to evaluate your market with a new perspective. Through our variety of strategic advisory offerings, your team will experience collaborative and objective guidance for more effective execution of your annual planning efforts.
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Marketing Research Analysis

Strategic Market Analysis

Stratasan’s Strategic Market Analysis (SMA) provides an overall measure of a hospital or health system’s performance, as well as a look into the competition’s health and growth potential. This report allows strategic planners to better and more deeply understand their market so they can maximize the impact of strategic growth initiatives and increase potential for successful outcomes.

Using three years of internal patient data as well as State/Medicare data, we design a trended analysis of your product lines, payor mix, and overall market share. We then use demographic and psychographic population data to identify market growth opportunities. The Strategic Market Analysis pinpoints opportunities to increase market share and drive the right volume.

Product Line Deep Dive

Stratasan’s Product Line Deep Dive looks more closely at your market data, considering market share, historical data, payor mix, and competitor strength. Through this analysis, we also look at patient origin by product line, geocoding all patients within this service line. We then analyze market share by sub-product line as well as top Diagnosis-Related Groups [DRGs].
Product Line Deep
Site Location Analysis

Site Location Analysis

Whatever your patient outreach strategy is, Stratasan’s Site Location Analysis can provide assurance that you are placing the right services in the right locations. By analyzing patient volumes, market share, demographics, traffic volumes, and growth opportunities, the Stratasan Spark Services Team provides actionable insight on the ideal location options for new healthcare access points.

Take the guesswork out of site placement, download the Site Selection Toolkit.

Executive Market Brief

It is important for analytics reports and growth plans to be detailed and contain thorough examinations. As these reports move upward to key decision makers, however, reports should be presented in a concise manner, conveying the most high-level, high-impact insights and presenting big picture growth solutions. Stratasan’s Executive Market Brief is a board-ready presentation that presents key strategic insights from Stratasan’s Market Research Analysis or Development Brief. Stratasan’s Spark Services Team works alongside your team to ensure delivery of the most useful and impactful intelligence report.

Executive Market Brief