Stratasan’s SHSMD National Footprint

Every year, hundreds of healthcare companies travel to the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development Conference (SHSMD) with their branded giveaways and brochures. They pass out pens, t-shirts, and stress-balls to expand their national footprint and increase name recognition. Although these freebies are useful around the office, they typically fail to highlight a company’s real offering.

Stratasan decided that its giveaway not only needed to make a national impact but also needed to showcase Stratasan’s tools and services. Stratasan delivered free on-demand market intelligence to the conference attendees who signed-up. Less than 15 minutes after entering their hospital name, they received a market intelligence package including a patient origin site map, a patient origin by ZIP code report, and market share analysis. 58 hospitals from 25 states took advantage of these free reports.

Stratasan’s SHSMD Footprint

SHSMD was abuzz with Stratasan’s products. At a conference where iPad giveaways and branded pens are customary, Stratasan put intelligence data into the hands of hospitals trying to deliver superior healthcare in their communities. Patient Origin and Market Share barely scratch the surface of Stratasan’s product suite.  Whether you need all payor reports, market intelligence, or diagnosis trends, Stratasan is the solution for your health data needs.

If you missed out this year, don’t fret. We are already working on next year’s offering!

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