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Stratasan’s analytics platform provides strategic planners and hospital executives immediate and unthrottled access to healthcare intelligence.



Data Query Engine

Stratasan’s Blackbird application gives analysts the ability to query complicated datasets quickly and deliver intelligence for strategic initiatives. With unthrottled access to healthcare data, including All Payer Claims Data, Blackbird can query billions of data points in a matter of minutes

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Stratasan Blackbird


Customizable Report Delivery System

With minimal effort on your part, Stratasan’s Canvas application provides templated, easy-to-understand reports created at your specific direction. Market intelligence covering market share, patient origin, cost reporting, and demographics are generated with a few clicks.

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Stratasan Canvas


Share and Update Intelligence

Gallery is a central intelligence repository that auto-renews insights when fresh data is available, enabling you to seamlessly keep your team aligned around the most up-to-date information.

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