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Standardized Intelligence Reports


With minimal effort on your part, Stratasan's Canvas application provides templated, easy-to-understand reports for your entire organization.

Quickly pull market share, patient origin, cost reporting, and demographics with a few clicks. Canvas also provides financial insights and market projections for inpatient, outpatient, ED, insurance coverage and physician office volume.

Take the Hassle Out of Data Analysis

Hospital Service Area Creator

Use market share to define your service area strategically. Clearly define where you have influence and the markets where you should be looking to grow.

Hospital Service Area Creator


Demographic data is one of your most powerful assets in achieving market growth. With Canvas, you can create clean, exportable reports that will allow you to easily understand the demographics of your community.

Healthcare Data Demographic Intelligence

Build Custom Reports

Gone are the days of manipulating thousand-row spreadsheets and pivot tables. Use Canvas to get immediate access to intelligence across the spectrum of healthcare: market share, projections, and financials.

Build Custom Healthcare Data Reports

In Canvas, You Can:

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