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Focus Pathway

Inpatient & Outpatient Data Visualization

Plot Your Course to a More Aligned Growth Strategy​

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the outpatient market and physician practice patterns.

Powered by Stratasan’s All-Payer Claims 837 Data

Access longitudinal data intelligence and gain insight into the whole continuum of care.

Evaluate the outpatient market: discover growth opportunities, identify out-migration patterns, analyze acquisition targets, and support service line development.

Strengthen physician loyalty: identify top opportunities for PCP and specialist referral alignment with your facilities.

Reduce physician splitting: discern which physicians are sending procedures to competitor facilities.

In Focus Pathway, You Can:

Learn More About Aligning Your Patient-Provider Growth Strategy

Drive More Patient Volume and Improve Your Bottom Line

Uncover the Fundamental Truths Your APCD Should Deliver

Track Your Patient’s Journey for More Informed Growth Planning