Focus Pathway

Claims Visualization Tool

Digestible, Actionable Intelligence

Focus Pathway is a claims visualization solution that helps hospitals, health systems and larger medical groups conduct strategic growth planning and business development. The modules of Focus Pathway quickly uncover executive-level insights in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-navigate interface, while revealing market opportunities using comprehensive claims data, with no limitations on care settings or procedure codes and without the need for a highly technical skillset.

Focus Pathway is ideal for:

The Patient Origin & Out-Migration Module

easily gain insights into where patients from your service area are seeking care
  • See the facilities and providers that patients in your service area are going to for care
  • Identify the types of care for which patients are out-migrating
  • Obtain immediate insight into the top service lines, facilities, and providers within seconds of viewing a report
  • Easily access data at a high level, or dive deep within the market to find granular claims data down to the procedural level
  • Filter the data on multiple levels to customize the report to your exact preferences
  • Where are patients in the market seeking care?
  • What volume is generated by commercial payers?
  • For which type of care are patients leaving the market?
  • Which diagnoses and/or procedures are being treated at competitor facilities, or by a specific physician?


With the right data visualization solution, turning well-curated, big data into digestible, actionable insights can be easy.

The Referrals Module

Empowering hospitals and health systems to visualize referral leakage
  • Pull all data for physicians within a service area and map all referrals to and from those physicians to understand physician-specific:
    • Referral patterns
    • Patient interactions
    • Facility loyalties
    • Health system relationships
  • View cases performed and revenue generated by individual physicians and facilities, with an ability to breakdown by care setting, provider specialty, facility, practice affiliation and ZIP Code.

Which physicians have patients leaving the network for care?
• Among these physicians, do leakage patterns exist?
• How much revenue is being lost to leaked encounters - by provider, care setting, facility, procedure, etc.?
• Are there high-volume physicians outside of our network we should be working with


The Referral module empowers hospitals and health systems to visualize referral leakage in their network

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The Strength of Stratasan's Data

Focus Pathway is powered by our comprehensive, curated claims dataset, which provides insight to all sites of care, from hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers to physician offices and urgent care centers. This claims submission (837) data is collected from multiple claims clearinghouses nationwide and is regularly updated.

What's Next?

The best way to experience the power of Focus Pathway is to request a demo with one of our strategic product experts. We’d love to show you the capabilities of this robust claims visualization tool while showcasing how it can  benefit your business. Contact us today!