Intelligence Sharing Tool

Gallery is a central intelligence repository that refreshes insights when new data is available, enabling you to seamlessly keep your team aligned around the most up-to-date information.


Align Your Team Around Information that Matters

Gallery Mac

Use Gallery to centralize reporting across your organization and ensure all team members are on the same page. Put an end to out-of-date intelligence and the constant rebuilding of reports, queries, and presentations.

Implement data-based strategies with confidence, knowing your entire team has access to the most relevant and current data available.

Access and Share Intelligence Across These Platforms



Physician Loyalty

Physician Loyalty

Launch Pathway

Launch Pathway

Share Intelligence in Different Formats

Empower your team to work and plan from the same intelligence, whether is in the form of a report, query, presentation, or external asset.
Visual Presentations
File Uploads

Organization-Wide Visibility

Keep your team on the same page around intelligence, while maintaining access and editorial control.

Most Up-To-Date Intelligence Available

Any file, report, presentation, or query that is stored in Gallery reflects the most up-to-date date available.
Reports and Queries

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