Health IntelFlow

Licensed Healthcare Intelligence

Stratasan's data, in your platform

Health IntelFlow allows users to ingest Stratasan’s curated and proprietary all-payer claims dataset directly into their business intelligence platform. This allows users to work directly with the data within their own tools for market analysis, strategic growth planning, physician referral alignment, and payer reimbursement optimization.

Access to Stratasan’s Comprehensive Claims Data

We offer the most complete remittance claims data available via a licensing subscription, delivering the most robust, granular, and up-to-date data assets for more informed, strategic planning.

Maximize Your In-House Tools

Input our claims data into your internal business intelligence platform to maximize your strategic analysis and improve your decision-making.

Specifically for advanced users

Unlike our other solutions, Health IntelFlow provides access to curated data only and does not include functionality for data visualization or analysis. Users will need their own in-house business intelligence platform capable of handling large files to successfully use this data.

Looking for a more complete solution or a tool that provides data visualization? Contact us to learn about our other solutions.

Learn More About Our Robust Data

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