Launch Pathway

Market Data Visualization

Launch Pathway

Executive-Level Insights for Informed Strategic Growth Planning

Access straightforward market overviews, uncover growth opportunities, and build a presentation-ready deck within minutes

Launch Pathway Can Help You Drive Growth

Launch Pathway clearly shows you where volume is increasing or decreasing, your service area’s demographic makeup, and what service lines are being utilized.
Physician Loyalties
Get off the "Data Treadmill"

Instead of using valuable time to comb through data, use your energy for strategy and planning decisions.

Physician Loyalties Approved
Deliver Organization-Wide Alignment

By using this tool to facilitate high-level strategic discussions, everyone will be on the same page. Your team can make real-time decisions based on a universal understanding of intelligence.

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Real-time Visualizations of Demographic and Market Data in Snapshots

Build and share strategic presentations on market intelligence and strategic initiatives in minutes, not weeks.

In Launch Pathway, You Can:

Tools to Support Team Alignment

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Interactive Presentation Tool
Analytics Platform


Intelligence Sharing Tool
Pampa Regional Medical Center
“We use Stratasan tools every day. Our CEO absolutely loves it. We were able to cut a few underperforming service lines because of the visibility we got through the Stratasan tools.”

Mandie McMahon MD MBA Director of Data Quality, Pampa Regional Medical Center

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