Patterns & Loyalty

Physician Software

Patterns & Loyalty

Focused Intelligence in the Area of Physician and Provider Relationships

Spend less time mining data and more time strategizing and building relationships. The physician software is designed to equip you with immediate and un-throttled access to actionable intelligence.

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Uncomplicated and Actionable Physician Intelligence

Create Alignment for Your Physician Strategy

Stratasan Building Relationships

Less Time Spent Data Mining Means More Time For Strategy
With straightforward visualizations, it's easier than ever to interpret market dynamics and focus on strategic discussions.

Stratasan Drillability

Precise and Reliable Physician Insights You Can Trust
By using only one dataset and therefore eliminating any concern of duplicate case counting, you can slice market data any way you want.

Stratasan Access to Intelligence

Drillability into Physician Patterns and Hospital Connections
Obtain detailed information about your market and physicians and navigate the story of your service area without any guesswork.

Physician Patterns

Physician Patterns

A comprehensive overview of physician referrals in your market

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Physician Loyalty

Physician Loyalty

An industry-leading physician case volume visualization tool

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