Physician Loyalty

Physician Case Volume Software

What Physician Behavior Will You Uncover?

Physician Loyalty visualizes physician case volumes, making it possible for business development teams and strategic planners to understand physician service line and hospital patterns.

Visualize Where Physicians Are Treating Their Cases

With Physician Loyalty’s highly visual trended graphs, planners and liaisons will be equipped with intelligence that can be presented directly from the app using Storyboards, making it easier than ever to share insights with team members and leadership.

With Physician Loyalty, You Can:

Tools to Support Team Alignment


Interactive Presentation Tool


Intelligence Sharing Tool
Pampa Regional Medical Center
“We use Stratasan tools every day. Our CEO absolutely loves it. We were able to cut a few underperforming service lines because of the visibility we got through the Stratasan tools.”

Mandie McMahon MD MBA Director of Data Quality, Pampa Regional Medical Center