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Physician Patterns

Physician Referral Software

What Physician Opportunities Are You Missing?

Physician Patterns allows you to create better alignment with the physicians in your service area and uncover valuable opportunities for growth using Medicare and all-payer claims data.


Take the Guesswork Out of Physician Relations

Analyze Inbound & Outbound Patterns

Physician Patterns enables you to view both Inbound and Outbound pattern reports, switching back and forth with a simple toggle. View all physicians who have shared patients with the physicians you’re analyzing.

Analyze Physician Inbound and Outbound Patterns

Straightforward User Interface

Get straight to the data you need to understand your market with zero complexity. With Physician Patterns, you can quickly narrow your search when filtering by facility, practice affiliation, or specific provider. Use the interactive map to approximate locations of physicians in your market, and zoom in for more precision.
Straightforward User Interface for Physician Intelligence

Physician Case Analysis

Quickly and easily see cases performed and revenue generated by individual physicians and facilities. You can break down cases by service line, and even adjust your filters for a new set of intelligence.
Physician Case Analysis

With Physician Patterns, You Can:



Intelligence Sharing Tool

Learn More About Physician Patterns & Referrals

Get these suggestions on how to ensure your newly employed physicians are hooked from the beginning.

Use the Right Data to Stay Competitive and Optimize Physician Outreach

Best practices for physician liaisons in the areas of sales planning and tracking and measuring results.