Interactive Presentation Tool

Become a marketing and growth strategy rockstar with Storyboards, an interactive presentation tool

Gone are the days of building quarterly decks from scratch. Storyboards auto-update each time data is refreshed, giving you time back to work on strategy. Create interactive decks in minutes and transform strategy meetings into productive, collaborative working sessions.

Maximize Communication Around Strategic Planning

Create snapshots of market share, service lines, payer mix, demographics, maps, and physician case volumes based on the most current intelligence available.

Share Storyboards with your team in multiple ways:
• Directly from the Application
• Print Storyboards
• Download and Add to Powerpoint
• Share to Gallery

“Your tools have made me look like a rockstar here on more than one occasion!”
– John Leftwich, Senior Strategy Analyst, Hill Country Memorial Hospital

Storyboards Are Available in These Platforms

Physician Loyalty

Physician Case Volume Platform

Launch Pathway

Market Data Visualization

From Planning to Presentation

Storyboards enable you to create presentation-ready decks within minutes, not weeks. Share printed copies of your Storyboards with team members.
Stratasan Planning
Stratasan Facilitate

Facilitate Your Meetings

Shorten the feedback cycle generated by questions from executives that require revisiting the data. Storyboards empower you to answer the team’s question immediately and close the gap in communication.

Automated Quarterly Updates

Remove the hassle of building quarterly reports from scratch and spend more time on strategy.
Stratasan Automated
Lexington Medical Center
“Stratasan has made presenting market share to our Board a super simple and stress-free process. Thank you!”

Savannah Tapler, Strategic Planning Analyst

Learn More About Healthcare Data Reporting

This checklist is a handy guide to completing a successful EA. Get the best practices and a step-by-step process for the best possible results.
Our basic goals for Storyboards were to be able to save snapshots of data and visualizations, edit your story or presentation, and have each storyboard presentation automatically refresh with each new data release.
Has this ever happened to you? You walk into a strategy meeting with your strategic plan, ready to plan for the future, but walk out with a long list of to-dos instead? Get answers on how to be prepared for those off the cuff questions.