Stratasan Launches Physician Pathway

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Stratasan Launches Physician Pathway to Facilitate Improved Relationships and Maximize Network Growth Opportunities

The first of a suite of software solutions providing immediate and un-throttled access to healthcare intelligence

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (Jan. 20, 2016)Stratasan, a leading provider of market intelligence to hospitals and healthcare systems nationwide, today announced the launch of Physician Pathway. This platform gives focused intelligence in the area of physician and provider relationships, addressing the need of healthcare providers for a tool that enables them to strengthen primary market relationships and discover new secondary market opportunities as well.  

The new platform provides high-level overviews of physician facility loyalties and healthcare system connections while also giving drillability into the details of referral patterns, relationships, and patient interactions.


“The primary need we have heard from the healthcare market across the country is for a tool that provides intelligence that both physicians and liaisons can trust, says Jason Moore, founder & COO of Stratasan. “Physician Pathway creates a foundation for building stronger relationships, and in turn, will provide better access to the right care coordination.”


Often the greatest barriers to thriving physician relationships are confusing intelligence reports, complicated dashboards, and insufficient data analysis. With Physician Pathway, users will be able to quickly uncover missed opportunities within their market and find a more streamlined approach to physician relationship growth.


While users of the Physician Pathway platform will find a straightforward interface and intuitive report building functionality, sometimes a support team is still helpful when interpreting data for planning purposes. Stratasan offers Spark Services, a concierge analytics and planning service designed to support the strategic planning process. Spark’s highly specialized team of experts in data analytics, mapping and health data management will work alongside users to translate data into actionable growth initiatives, both on a project-by-project basis and as an ongoing partnership.


“Being an expert in Physician Relations means leveraging the intelligence you need to build a meaningful relationship,” says Tony Camarata, Stratasan Product Manager. “Physician Pathway provides that intelligence by taking the hassle out of data.”


Physician Pathway is the first of the Pathways suite of software solutions designed to equip healthcare providers and hospital systems with immediate and un-throttled access to helpful intelligence. These platforms are being developed with a growth mindset, aimed at meeting the needs of strategic planners, marketers, physician liaisons, and business development managers. For more information, visit


About Stratasan

Nashville-based Stratasan is a leading provider of advanced data analytics and market intelligence to healthcare strategic planning and marketing professionals delivered via cloud services. With access to over 1.5 billion healthcare-related records, the company helps more than 600 hospitals achieve efficiency and effectiveness in their strategic planning initiatives. For more information, visit


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