Stratasan Partners with Service 2 Software, Onboarding Three Military Service Members

Transition Sales and Training Program to Increase Team Diversity


Nashville, TN (Nov. 11, 2019) — Stratasan, LLC, a Nashville-based healthcare data analytics software provider, has partnered with Service 2 Software (S2S), whose mission is to fuel the transition of service members and provide a way for technology companies to hire veterans. Launched by a group of Army veterans, S2S provides an innovative way to grow business and offers transitioning service members real-world experience at a SaaS company. 

“For service members, we’re the only program of its kind that helps them break into sales roles,” says David Hester, Service 2 Software cofounder and CEO. “We’ve partnered with rapid growth companies and provide service members with sales training from the top 1 percent.”

Stratasan will be training three service members—Tommy Blair, Melvin Boyd, and John Lund—in software sales. Having been immersed in four weeks of industry-leading sales training conducted by S2S, these veterans will spend the next five months working with the Stratasan sales team in Sales Development roles before transitioning to full-time employment.

“Businesses don’t always recognize the value veterans bring to the table,” says Todd Rode, graduate of the United States Military Academy and Stratasan’s Senior Director of Sales Operations. “Teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, and the ability to overcome adversity—these are just a few of the skills veterans pick up during their service to our country. I can’t think of a single company that doesn’t need these skills.”  

S2S is an official program under the DoD SkillBridge initiative. The SkillBridge initiative provides job skills training to transitioning service members during the final six months of their duty. The service members continue to receive their military pay and benefits from the government while participating, so the service member bears little or no cost during the transition process. 

“I am thrilled about our partnership with S2S. This partnership has granted us access to highly motivated and skilled team members where we’ve struggled in recruiting veterans historically,” says Jason Moore, Stratasan founder and CEO. “We are always looking for opportunities to increase the diversity of our team and support veterans. S2S provides an effective way for us to access top military talent and onboard them to our team.”  


About Service 2 Software

Service 2 Software is a registered 501(c)(3) that exists to equip service members with the necessary skills to gain employment in the technology industry. Powered by the Department of Defense SkillBridge initiative, S2S affords active-duty service members no-cost training with the ability to serve as sales and customer success interns for sponsored companies in entry-level roles. For almost six months, they work shoulder to shoulder with the business development teams of today’s fastest-growing technology companies. Service 2 Software maintains a 100 percent employment rate for service members. 

About Stratasan

Nashville-based Stratasan was founded to change the way hospitals and health systems use data to achieve strategic growth. Stratasan is a leading provider of advanced data analytics and market intelligence to healthcare strategic planning and marketing professionals delivered via cloud services. A high-growth healthcare technology company, Stratasan works with more than one thousand hospitals across more than forty states to remove the roadblock of endless data analysis and progress to the important work of growth planning. For more information, visit

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