On-Demand Webinar:
Strategic Planning with 2+ Years of COVID Data


Stratasan recently partnered with the Texas Hospital Association to present the free webinar Strategic Planning with 2+ Years of COVID Data: Determining Which Trends Matter & Which Ones Don’t

The global pandemic has significantly impacted the past few years of healthcare data, but strategic planners have an opportunity to draw valuable insights from this data to better prepare for the future.

Now that we have over two years of pandemic-era healthcare data, it’s time for strategic planners to learn how to separate the meaningful data signals from the COVID-data noise.

In this webinar, attendees heard from Stratasan’s own Lee Ann Lambdin, Senior VP of Healthcare Strategy, and learned how to:

  • Analyze strategic planning data with and without COVID cases to determine growth opportunities
  • Separate meaningful data trends from COVID data anomalies
  • Build a strategy that takes into consideration changes in how patients are consuming healthcare
Lee Ann Lambdin
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