Stratasan Celebrates 8 Years

2019 marks Stratasan’s 8th year as a company. Our team celebrated with an outing to the Downtown Sporting Club. See below for a few photos from the event.

Happy Anniversary Mike McDonald

Happy Anniversary Mike McDonald Celebrating 5 Years at Stratasan! Mike has been a Data Wrangler for Stratasan since March of 2013. Born and raised in Nashville, Mike has a BS degree in Computer Science, concentrating on Database Administration and Computer Networking. Before joining the Stratasan team, Mike worked in computer sales and as a Software Developer […]

Happy Anniversary Hank Neuhoff

Happy Anniversary Hank Neuhoff Celebrating 5 Years at Stratasan! A member of the team since 2013, Hank is Stratasan’s Production Manager. He is the front line of communication with Stratasan clients, fielding requests, issues, and compliments and passing them along to the team. Before joining Stratasan, Hank handled technical and customer support at Vanderbilt University Medical […]

Happy Anniversary Drake!

August 12, 2016 marked Drake Jarman‘s 2 year anniversary with Stratasan. Happy anniversary, Drake!   Drake joined Stratasan in 2014 as the VP of Sales. He is responsible for leading the sales team and has extensive experience selling into healthcare systems, having previously served as the President of Wellness Environments. Prior to Wellness Environments, Drake […]

Happy Anniversary Jason!

August 16, 2016 marked Jason Haley‘s 5 year anniversary with Stratasan. Happy anniversary, Jason!   Jason has been the GIS Manager with Stratasan since he moved to Nashville in August 2011 from Akron, Ohio. Before moving to Nashville, Jason earned both his undergraduate and master’s degrees in geography from Kent State University. As GIS Manager, […]