APCD Encounter ID Methodology Enhancements

Often times, there is a series of claims for the same inpatient stay, which vary across multiple care settings (Emergency Room->IP Admission -> others –>Continued IP stay). Instead of only generating a single encounter activity to the inpatient facility, these different activities were often generating a claim and an encounter. This methodology has been enhanced […]

APCD 837 ER Claims: Care Settings Updated Based on Revenue Codes

There are observed claims which have an ER revenue code on the claim, but which have a point of sale or type of bill code that is assigned a “Hospital Outpatient” care setting. These ER Revenue codes are: 0450, 0451, 0452, 0456, 0459, 0981. This is the standard set of revenue codes used throughout state […]

Blackbird Experience Enhancements

We have recently released enhancements to our All-Payer Claims output in Blackbird, to improve the in-app experience. Updates include the following: Age Range Category column and filter capabilities have been added to our all-payer claim database curated data view. Age Range Categories Added: 0-17 18-44 45-64 65+ Important Note: It is recommended that users also include […]

APCD Update: Patient Claim Detail

Payer Type Rollup Update in Blackbird Report The dataset behind Stratasan’s APCD Patient Claim Detail (All Fields) Blackbird query was modified to provide a reliable way to group payer data into larger buckets of Other, Unknown, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, or Commercial. If desired, users will be able to autocomplete in the Payer Type fields […]

APCD Update: Clearinghouse Added

Significant Data Addition from the #1 ASC Claims Provider Stratasan is pleased to announce that our All-Payer Claims Data (APCD) has been updated to include data from a new major clearinghouse with approximately 550M annual claim volume. This means our APCD users now have access to significantly more data, including: 30% increase in claims 25% […]

New All-Payer Claims Curated View

Stratasan is excited to announce updates to our Curated View of All-Payer Claims Data (APCD). This update provides additional fields that will help strategic planners more easily make sense of the data. Users can now query fields like: Main Provider to see what provider was most responsible for the patient Care Setting Category to roll the granular care settings […]

The APCD Payment by CPT Code Report: Now in Canvas

Many planners lack the insight they need to effectively navigate preferred payer negotiations and service line expansion efforts. Often, teams don’t have the critical intelligence they need, which can be derived from all-payer claims data (APCD). This gives payers the upper hand in negotiations since they use hospital claims data to determine reimbursements. Stratasan’s all-payer […]