Welcome to the Team: Lisa French

Lisa French Front End Web Developer Lisa joined the Stratasan team as a Front End Web Developer in September 2016. Her previous experience includes time as a Front End Engineer for HCA. Additionally, she has an extensive understanding of the front-end stack (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), relevant libraries and frameworks, and some back end exposure (Node, […]

Physician Pathway Feature Update

Uncover New Growth Opportunities Primary hospital affiliations are now listed for all physicians within the Inbound and Outbound Referral report. While before you were given a list of names with no context for the hospital connection, now you can quickly and easily see hospital affiliations. With this new feature, physician liaisons are able to clearly see hospital connections, patient […]

Webinar: Health Status

Hospital Strategic Planning: Health Status Speaker: Lee Ann Lambdin – VP of Strategic Planning, Stratasan Join Lee Ann Lambdin for a 30 minute educational webinar to analyze the health status of your patients and community. If you are a 501(c)(3) hospital, plan to be involved with population health in anyway, or want to have a […]

Webinar: Comparative Hospitals

Hospital Strategic Planning: Comparative Hospitals Speaker: Lee Ann Lambdin, VP of Strategic Planning – Stratasan Description: After Defining Your Service Area, the next step in building your hospital strategic plan is to identify your comparative hospitals. Why “Comparative” and not “Competitive”? Many times we see clients shy away from including sister facilities in their “Competitive” analysis […]

Webinar: The Art & Science of Service Area Definitions

Hospital Strategic Planning: The Art & Science of Service Area Definitions Speaker: Lee Ann Lambdin, VP of Strategic Planning – Stratasan Description: The first step in any planning or marketing project for a hospital or other provider is to define a service area. Before demographics, market share, or competitor analysis can considered, an appropriate service area […]