Canvas Report Update

At Stratasan, we believe in continuous improvement. Sometimes that improvement means making changes to our platform offerings. With that in mind, we want to make you aware of upcoming changes to our Canvas platform — in the name of a better long term customer experience.

Based on customer input and utilization, we have elected to remove the following Canvas reports. (more…)

Demographic Summary Report Enhancements

Stratasan’s Demographic Summary Report has been updated, adding 2019 Median Age and 2024 Median Age from our Esri dataset. Key takeaways from this update are noted below:

  • 2024 Median Income has been added to the main Demographic Summary Report and breakouts
  • There is now the added ability to query by service areas that are created with County’s
  • 2019 and 2024 Median Age has been added to the Demographic Summary Report

Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Webinar: Market Share

Hospital Strategic Planning: Market Share

Speaker: Lee Ann Lambdin – VP of Strategic Planning, Stratasan

Join Lee Ann Lambdin for a 30 minute educational webinar on how to compare market share by ZIP code and product line.

Everyone knows the importance of market share. But the quality of the data and how  it is presented will change the amount of actionable intelligence you can take away. In this webinar Ms. Lambdin will discuss what data sources you should be using, the importance of trending, along with different visualization techniques to present your data and capture your audience.

What you will learn:
— Best techniques to analyze a hospital’s market share
— What is considered good market share in a ZIP code
— How to establish benchmarks for market share in ZIP codes
— Visual presentation techniques that will capture your audience

After attending this webinar you will have a fresh outlook on your hospital’s market share analysis. We hope you will join us.

LeeAnnLambdin_profile_100Lee Ann Lambdin serves as Vice President of Strategic Planning at Stratasan. Her specialties are Hospital Strategic Planning, Community Health Needs Assessments, and Medical Staff Planning. She provides planning guidance to customers, assists with product design and sales, and manages customer accounts.

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Inpatient Statistics 2010

This is the second entry in our overview series of healthcare statistics in the United States. If you missed the first one, you can find Physician Office Visit Statistics 2010 here.

As the title suggests, this entry will focus in on utilization rates from 2010 for Inpatient visits for the country as a whole.

NOTE: You can click on any of the images below to see the full report image.

The table above illustrates the total number of Inpatient visits in the United States for 2010 broken down by age category.  The overall rate of Inpatient visits for the country is one visit for every 7.88 people.

The table above and below should be looked at in comparison to one another. The above graph shows the incident rate broken down by age group while the graph below represents the total volume of Inpatient visits by age group.

Notice how the overall utilization of Inpatient visits is highest in middle of our lives but closely followed by the end of our lives (by a much smaller population set).

Looking at the table below, the second and third listing as the most frequent Major Diagnostic Codes for Inpatient visits reveals the most likely cause for the majority of Inpatient visits for the age group of 25-45.

Click the above snapshot to see a larger list of Major Diagnostic Categories for Inpatient visits.

Let us know what your reactions are to these Inpatient Statistics from 2010.

Files referenced in this post: Inpatient Demographics 2010 & Inpatient Major Diagnostic Categories 2010

If you are interested in running geo-targeted reports around healthcare utilization projections, click here to get started.

Physician Office Visit Statistics 2010

Understanding utilization rates in healthcare is an important step for a better educated public. Below you will find breakdowns of physician office visits for the country by age, sex, and race.

NOTE: Click on any of the images in this post to get an image of the full report.


The chart above represents how age groups utilize physicians in a different manner.  In future posts, we will also be exploring Inpatient, Outpatient, and Emergency Room visits from multiple angles.

The lowest “users” of physician office services are the age group 15-25 (1.86 visits per year) and the highest being 75+ (6.8 visits per year).

These numbers can be broken down further to paint a clearer picture.


This breakdown shows the female population accounts for approximately 58% of all physician office visits across the country.  Females in the age range of 45-65 are just over 17% of all POV.

You can access the image of the full report by clicking here.

One table included in the full report is a breakdown of POV utilizations by Race and Age Group.