Canvas Report Update

At Stratasan, we believe in continuous improvement. Sometimes that improvement means making changes to our platform offerings. With that in mind, we want to make you aware of upcoming changes to our Canvas platform — in the name of a better long term customer experience.

Based on customer input and utilization, we have elected to remove the following Canvas reports. (more…)

Hospital Cost Report Plus: Now in Blackbird

When trying to assess hospital performance in a data desert, what can you use? HCRIS is often the go-to resource, but raw HCRIS data can be challenging to filter, sort, and decipher. Stratasan has taken HCRIS data, along with other relevant data sources, and created a queryable Blackbird dataset—our Hospital Cost Report Plus—enabling easy and flexible analysis of facility performance.

What you can query with this data:

  • Facility information in one place: a source of common truth on hospital data
  • Financial information: cost reporting and revenue

Talk to our sales and data team about this new offering—request a demo today.