Two New Ways to Calculate your Reimbursement Rates with the Market Reimbursement Analyzer

We’re excited to announce two highly anticipated Market Reimbursement Analyzer (MRA) product updates. Users will now have the ability to identify advanced practice provider (APP) reimbursement rates and shift between simple and weighted averages. More details about both updates are listed below.

Identify APP Reimbursement Rates

MRA users can now toggle between APP and non-APP rates. This is important as APPs are reimbursed at a rate that is 15% less than non-APPs. Our rate type toggle allows the switching between a blended rate, which consists of all reimbursements regardless of specialty, or a non-blended rate that separates APP from non-APP reimbursements.

Simple Average Versus Weighted Average

MRA users can now shift between simple and weighted averages. Simple averages can be deceiving, given that claim counts are rarely evenly distributed. The weighted average assigns weights that determine in advance the relative importance of each data point. The weighted average takes into account the number of claims associated at the hierarchical level. Toggling between the two values changes the calculation used in determining the percentage to CMS.

Please feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to directly with questions or for additional information. 

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