Uninsured Approaching 50 Million Mark

The Census Bureau just released their latest report on the Uninsured.  Since 2000, the United States has added 13.4 million to the rolls of the uninsured for healthcare.  This is more than the population of Minnesota and Wisconsin combined.  Below, we have created a visualization of the impact of this trend.

Uninsured in America
Current uninsured Americans equal 18 states worth of population

The combined population of middle of our country is now equal to the number of uninsured.  Can you imagine if we, as a country, decided to not provide the same medical services for these 18 states as the rest of the country?  Bottom line: it wouldn’t happen. Due to the same number of people being dispersed throughout our country, we are more tolerant of the problem.

As pointed out in an earlier release by the Kaiser Family Foundation in 2011, approximately 25% of uninsured adults go without needed care due to cost compared to only 4% of those with private insurance.

The percentage of people covered by employment-based health insurance decreased to 55.3 percent in 2010 from 56.1 percent in 2009 (greater than a 1% drop).  48.6 million people (15.9% of population) were currently being covered by Medicaid in 2010.

Government health insurance coverage increased from 93.2 million (30.6%) in 2009 to 95.0 million (31.0%) in 2010.

The last figure for this post is in 2010 there were 7.3 million children under the age of 18 (9.8%) who were without health insurance coverage.

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