Upcoming Webinar: Integrating your CHNA into Strategy

Thursday, June 25 | 12pm EST

Pull up your chair and join the conversation on how to extend your Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) to create effective wellness initiatives from the inside out. Learn how best to connect and streamline your strategic planning and marketing activities to maximize your brand’s impact. We’ll show you:

● How to enable your strategic planning tools to guide critical market decisions
● Best practices and great tips for extending the CHNA process
● How one hospital has leveraged the CHNA process to realize measurable results

Webinar Speakers:

Lee Ann Lambdin, VP, Strategic Resources, Stratasan
Jon Headlee, President & CEO, Ten Adams
A Five­Part Webinar Series
April 28 | June 25 | August 4 | September 15 | October 27
If you missed the April 28 webinar, see it now!

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