Webinar: Industry & Business

Hospital Strategic Planning: Health Status

Speaker: Lee Ann Lambdin – VP of Strategic Planning, Stratasan

Join Lee Ann Lambdin for a 30 minute educational webinar to analyze the business & industry of your market.

This webinar will discuss the importance of understanding business & industry as a part of your market assessment.

What you will learn:
— What factors to include in your business & industry analysis
— Why your hospital should be partnering with major employers in your community
— How the types of industries in your community impact your insurance market estimates
— Where your community goes to work and shop

During the webinar we will cover topics such as unemployment rates, retail leakage & surplus, commuter patterns, and traffic counts. We hope you will join us.


Lee Ann Lambdin serves as Vice President of Strategic Planning at Stratasan. Her specialties are Hospital Strategic Planning, Community Health Needs Assessments, and Medical Staff Planning. She provides planning guidance to customers, assists with product design and sales, and manages customer accounts.

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