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Wednesday, October 12 | 11 am ET | 10 am CT | 8 am PT

Using Data-Driven Projections to Adjust for Care-Setting Shifts

Join Michael Shipley, Senior Product Manager and Hank Neuhoff Vice President  of Healthcare, both of data analytics company Stratasan | Syntellis, as they: 

  • Explore the cause and effect of care-setting shifts on hospitals;
  • Examine the impact of shifts from in-patient (IP) to out-patient (OP) and ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) on common procedures; and
  • Look at how data-driven projections can inform market-specific strategies to help hospitals and health systems manage shifts and secure revenue.

Lee Ann Lambdin, Senior Vice President of Healthcare Strategy at Stratasan discusses how to:

  • Analyze strategic planning data with and without COVID cases to determine growth opportunities
  • Separate meaningful data trends from COVID anomalies
  • Build a strategy that takes into consideration changes in how patients are consuming healthcare
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